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About Deviant Artist Ale CerzMale/Spain Group :iconproyectobelisk: ProyectObelisk
Proyecto Pokémon Obelisk
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Sages of the Jungle by Alphacerz
Sages of the Jungle
Name: Leaboon
Pokemon: jungle monkey
Types: Grass
Abilities: Own tempo, Vital Spirit  (DW)
Envolves into Saboon at lvl 32

Name: Saboon
Pokemon: Jungle monk
Types: Grass/ Psychic
Abilities: Own tempo, Oblivious  (DW)
The worm who will ride the world by Alphacerz
The worm who will ride the world
Name: ???
Types: Bug
Pokemon: Worm
Abilities: Shield dust, Quick feet (DW)

Envolves into ??* at lvl 12

Name: ??*
Types: Bug
Pokemon: Crysalis
Abilities: Shed skin, Sturdy (DW)

Envolves into ?** at lvl 28

Name: ?**
Pokemon: trot
Abilities: Anticipation, Defiant (DW)


Design: Kory-chan (1st and 2nd stage), and me (3rd stage)
Sprites: Me
Looter of the Seaport by Alphacerz
Looter of the Seaport
Name: Lootbeard
Pokemon: Water dog
Types: Water/ Dark
Habilities: Pickup, Skilled Hound*, Moxie (DW)
Envolves from Baypet** using Water Stone

*Skilled Hound: prevents all foes from fleeing or switching out as long as the user remains in battle.


Ale Cerz
Current Residence: Lost in Canary Islands
Favourite genre of music: Indie
Operating System: Win7
MP3 player of choice: SPC Internet


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Tag...I usually refuse they but... well... One day is one day...

1. Why are you in dA?

Because dA has got a huge pokemon community and I can show my fakemons. In addition, all the images has copyright, very important

2. What do you like the most about dA?

The deviantartist. There are a lot of artist (when I say artist, I say it with property)

3. What do you like the LEAST about dA?

The shop section and points, but I supose that everybody has to eat.

4. What's your favorite thing to do?

Draw, Sprite (only when I'm inspired), Listen to music, have interesting conversations, play videogames, etc and win in Street Fighter (Tortilla!)

5. What's your LEAST favorite thing to do?

To study, and that's why my first university year was so bad

6. Do you speak any other languages, apart from English? Which ones?

Spanish, Castillan, Cristian, Venezuelan an Canarian (XDD)

7. Which OS (operating system) do you use? (it can be Windows XP, Fedora Linux, Mac OS, etc.)

Win7, but I want to try Bardinux too

8. Do you change your avatar very often? Why?

No, because I decided that my avatar here would be Jaguar (the co-protagonist of Pyu to fuku) forever, and I''m too lazy for make another new of that character

9. Have you ever dyed your hair? Which color?

When I was young I dyed my hair white with talc. That counts?

10. Ask yourself any question you want. Then tell us the answer without saying the question. Now we try to find out which question you chose.

I want to improve. Make designs more complex, more spectaculars... specially the poses

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